Monday, 26 March 2018

Our Clever Little Cat.

Litter tray antics.

As you know we've got the workmen outside and this week might be a bit of an upheaval in regards to routine, structure and calmness. A week is not so long after all.

This morning everything had to be put forward an hour ( might as well have been two hours now that summertime has finally arrived ) because the guys start early at seven. Luckily I was ready at ten to seven as they drove up the driveway already.

While the workmen are here, Mausi is banned from the front part of the house for her own safety. Doesn't mean she likes it but, as I told her, it won't be forever. For the first time since she's been ours, we've had to move her litter tray to another room.

How to tell her the new local of her toilet without confusing her? Well, I carried her to the tray, set her in it and let her feet move the sand. Oh, and I said a little prayer that she'd take note of it and not drop a defiant toilet parcel somewhere in the house. Couldn't even blame her if she did. What with all the hammering and banging outside her nerves must be stretched to the limit.

I came home from an English lesson a few hours ago and was pleased as punch to find a big wurst in her litter tray and her lying exhausted in ( in rather than on because her bed resembles a cushy cave ) her comfy bed. I have never been so proud of her and it took all my might not to phone Bob to tell him about our angel. There are limits to what a man can listen to while he is at work...


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