Monday, 5 March 2018

A Monday In Paradise.

Dull, grey and beautiful.

Despite the late afternoon flurry of snowflakes-gosh, I thought by now they'd have moved to Denmark and beyond-my thoughts are straying to spring and the new season of vegetables and flowers to be planted.

The other day I noticed in my calendar that the start of spring is mere moments away and for Bob it marks the end of winter. Time, hurrying away from us it seems. This morning the tide of icy weather had turned to a more sedate minus 3 and we're eager for each progressive day of the week. Saturday it might be a giddily hoped for plus 10...

But back to the much longed for gardening. Well, more the planting of vegetables. Last year's crop has stuck in my memory as our cherry tomatoes were divine despite some of them having developed those atrocious black spots. Not this year, I hope.

Thinking of what to plant is fun although also a little bit dicey. Finding the right balance ( last year we mistakenly created a marrow jungle ) is paramount and timing is everything. Coordinating the growth spurts is far from easy. One doesn't want to eat lettuce morning noon and night the one week and pizza the next. Well, some of us that is!

As for flowers, Bob and I want to create a red oasis of tulips along one side of our wall and the rest we plant as the muse takes us but always with ample feeding stations for our local bees. Lavender and rosemary are a definite must have in our and hopefully most gardens.

Good times ahead...


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