Friday, 2 March 2018

Lidl, Old And New.

A new shopping experience.

Bob and I have whittled down our shopping runs to an art form. A dance through the aisles, a turn to the left, a twist to the right and voila, the trolley is filled and with it our culinary desires with the odd unnecessary treat thrown in.

Today saw us shopping together due to another ice-day for Bob and the last stop is usually the grocery one. Not that it's that vital when it's minus seven outside. No butter, ice cream or cheese would melt even if we tried. Old habits and so forth. For some odd reason Bob decided to stay in the chariot and await my return in it.

Like any wife will know, a man waiting in the car means no dilly dalling, or in my case dithering in the shop. As I wheeled the trolley through the doors I knew that it would have to be a military affair. Quick, precise and bare bones...Like all well laid plans, this one went awry straight away. Everything had changed.

Lidl has gone upmarket and changed the layout of just about everything. The coffee and biscuit aisle stayed the same but everything else was in another place. Don't get me wrong, I love to discover the layouts of supermarkets. Finding new treats, new specials and new ideas is rejuvenating and makes the mind work a bit harder...but not when an impatient husband is waiting outside.

Gosh, I shopped in record time and for the least amount ever- forgot many items which we will find out throughout the next few days. I could see how much Bob had looked forward to seeing me emerge from the store...I had barely wheeled the trolley towards our car when he jumped out to help load everything...To his credit, he not once mentioned the length of time I took and I could see that once I mentioned the new layout, he'd have loved to meander up and down the newly minted Lidl store...


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