Monday, 12 March 2018

I Dream Of Sandwiches.

Two nights at the playhouse...

They asked me again this year to help them prepare sandwiches for an army. Well, it seems like an amount only an army would devour. I feel for the Karate Kid...Schmalz on, Schmalz off. Yes, I was part of the theater support team. Those who can't act, make sandwiches!

Bob was at his usual station making sure everyone was supplied with clean glasses. He made it look so easy almost like he was performing swan lake. Oh, he and his two other friends who usually get that job. Far from being envious, all are glad they don't have to make sure that thousands of glasses are cleaned during the evening.

There I was part of the sandwich assembly line, having a very minor part in that production, yet nonetheless trying to do a proper job laying my usual relaxed approach to food aside for a while. Bob might benefit and have more aesthetically pleasing sandwiches in his lunch box from now on, but I draw the line at cutting off the crust for him!

The opening night was sold out but the crowd must have eaten mostly at home. Or they were too sophisticated to munch on a Grammelschmalz brot while swirling a Grüner Veltliner expertly in one hand and waving greetings with the other. We made our sandwiches but never had any stress of running out or rather, having hungry customers eagerly awaiting each and every slice...

The next performance was late Sunday afternoon and was especially frequented by the senior citizens of most boroughs. A couple of buses had driven to all corners of Deutsch Schützen's district to pick up people. The room was full with eager villagers. Before the play they ate a bit but nothing to cause any us panic...

Well, during intermission there was a sudden onslaught of hungry people. The sandwiches flew off their trays and we could hardly keep up the supply. Fabulous, before the start of the third act, we had sold out everything except for those Leberwurst affairs...but, I had a suspicion that there wouldn't have been any demand as most would go straight home after the show, as lingering late while swirling Welsch Riesling is more for the younger set that hasn't yet started to appreciate the lure of an early night at home wearing comfortable sweats and more importantly, making your own sandwich just the way you like it.


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