Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Weather Girl.

Live updates...

Honestly, I think I've become obsessed with the actual degrees. Not so much the weather itself as I can see it through the murky glass of our windows but the actual degrees.

We all have seen the icy hold placed over Europe this last week and we've been doubly updated by actually living through it. Yes, it was bitterly cold inside and I don't even want to imagine what being outside all day would entail and feel like. In awe of you, Schatzi but as you said, that's part of the job and you love it.

Our Gemeinde website has a live weather update and this is where I look as soon as I am in front of my computer. Kind of thrilling to watch the numbers climb or fall as appropriate. The coldest I've gleaned from the site was an icy minus 15,5 degrees and that was during day hours. Those of you who keep on being climate / global warming deniers, might have had a tiny mental door frame cracked open by the icy state of roofs, roads, walls and just about everything.

Speaking for Bob and I, we sadly still accrue an insane amount of rubbish. Glass, paper and plastics. Where does it all come from? Is there any food to be bought that isn't over wrapped in layers upon layers of plastics and aluminium foil? Are we all so scared of a few germs? Despite wanting to save the world one bit of rubbish at a time, I am flabbergasted by the sheer amount that we collect every six weeks.

Those severe weather conditions which used to be the exception to the rule but now have switched to be almost the rule, are perhaps nature's payback or as some say, a regular part of nature.

Now that the warmer weather has returned, it was zero a few moments ago, I hopefully will stop organizing my life around that little number on a gauge as whatever it says, life goes on...


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