Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Social Media Unveiled.

A lesson in privacy.

It used to be that old fashioned Facebook like which was paraded around the town square of friends, family and oddballs. By now we all are en courant with who dines where, who likes what and who wants to own a new luxury vehicle. Honestly, do people think that sharing will win them anything but advertising?

Bob usually checks his Facebook when he comes home in the afternoon while sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee. It is his way of unwinding from work and of course to see what his friends got up to. Gosh, we all do it don't we? A lot more of my online friends seem to be online all the time and I have realized that they've all upgraded to the 5G network and thus are constantly connected. No wonder the word addiction is banded about with regard to social media...

A few minutes ago, Bob came through to the kitchen where I usually sit writing on my computer or perusing the online neighbourhoods and said with rather a shocked expression;

" Facebook has changed again. They've just put in my feed what a fellow Eisenberger has looked at on Zalando. Can you believe it, they showed the various items. G-string, undies and other stuff. Too much information! "
" Schatzi, I hope you haven't looked at anything inappropriate yourself because there might be someone in the village getting all that info. "
...we tend to forget that every action has a similar reaction. Nonetheless, how far have we sunk if we already are shopping vicariously through others...


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