Sunday, 4 March 2018

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine.

Those who laugh together...

Bob and I laughed so much we had tears in our eyes. A fabulous treat indeed as often we forget to see the funny side to life. What were we doing? Well, we had the privilege of watching an old Robin Williams movie.

Not one for which he won accolades but just the ordinary film called, RV. Gosh, I forgot what a great talent he was. His ability to find the funny side of life was ingenious but also rather sad, as he perhaps couldn't find it in his own life.

Laughing, how divinely soul refreshing. When was the last time you laughed so much that you had to cry? Bob and I often laugh at some of the ridiculous things we do. The other day I put the groceries away before heading out to go to work. When I got back, ready to haul myself into my role as chief cook, I couldn't believe my eyes.

As I opened the fridge to get milk a strange sight met my eyes...the frozen fish was in the vegetable crisper and when I quickly put it into the freezer department, Bob's treat of Weisswurst was busy crystallizing up there! Bob merely raised his eyebrows when I asked him if he'd played a trick on me and muttered about more fun coming his way in the future.

Of course ever pot has an uniquely matching lid...most mornings we re-enact versions of the game called; " Honey, where are my car keys? "

Those who laugh together, stay together...


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