Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Mary Does It Again...

An addiction worth having.

One of the gals in my walking group has rediscovered her love of reading. Reading like one should...leaving all else and only focusing on turning page after page.

She talked about a book she read and I couldn't help myself. I had to recommend one of my favourite authors to her. It isn't that often that one forgets everything around one and emerges into another world. Oh, in case you are wondering, it is Mary Higgins Clark, the doyenne of fast paced thrillers tainted with a touch of romance. Perfect chick-lit.

When I gave my friend two of her novels ( had them in German ) I added the provisor that perhaps it's not for her but at least to try a few pages. A week went by until we had another walk, and before I had a chance to enquire, she excitedly informed me of having burned the midnight oil a few times. Brilliant.

Fast forward to last week when I got my mittens on two more Mary Higgins Clark novels and because I know how divine it is to have this treat ahead, I especially went around to her house to drop them off:

" Ah that is so nice of you. Do you mind if I keep them a bit longer? I just bought myself three books the other day and I should read those first. "
Naturally I didn't mind but went home and wondered how long she would take to get stuck in another literary murder. Never mind, perhaps she likes to save the best for last.

Yesterday she and her husband walked past our house and we had a long conversation mainly about the builders who have proved a real draw in our neighbourhood. Halfway into our chat she started to giggle before saying:

" I've finished the one book and am halfway through the second. I love them. "
I knew it. Nobody who has read one of her books can resist the lure of another one especially when it's sitting on a bedside table. Yeah, another reader...thank you, Mary.


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