Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Big Bang Theory.

Rather late than never.

Throughout the years it's been on my peripheral but somehow it never really caught my full attention which might be linked to its name. A tv show called The Big Bang Theory seemed a bit strange.

Today a young lad mentioned that he loves the series and that yesterday, he watched one episode in English rather than the dubbed German version. Yes, you guessed it. Yours truly had mentioned how much it would help him to watch tv in English which nowadays is as easy as pie due to Amazon, Netflix and co. How marvelous that he followed my suggestion.

Well, if he had made the effort then why shouldn't I do too. I came home after a lesson and started to watch an episode. You know, it isn't bad at all. A typical sitcom of course with all the elements to let one forget the cares of the day. I've only watched a few episodes so I'm not sure of the story line down the road, but so far I've gathered that it makes brilliant nerds appear fun, attractive and most importantly, people to admire and emulate.

The irony of school we eschewed clever nerds and worshiped the cool kids wanting to do anything and everything to be accepted while in real life, the brilliant nerds have changed our lives and have the lives most former cool kids would give anything to have even a tenth of it...


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