Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Docile Family Dog Turns Adventurous To Outsmart A Cute Little Opponent !

Man's best friend turns into a cave dweller to avoid those surprise attacks...

Through time, dogs have run the gambit of dangerous encounters. Most of them are outside of their homes yet, there is one danger that is jolly difficult for them to circumvent!

The Toddler
affects sweet and docile dogs the most. Naturally, a ferocious and dangerous dog does live in his own wing of the home...the garage!

It was too cute to witness this toddler-dog relationship firsthand. Toddlers by definition are cute as buttons yet also mischievous. Oh, and I nearly forgot, they seem to have turbo charged feet. Little Supermen in training.

What do almost teenagers love most, late on a Friday afternoon? Well, studying for an English test with me, is far off the radar, but alas, life is tough! Anyway, the younger sibling is a boisterous and oh so cute toddler and from sheer experience, the older brother knew better than to leave the door open.

At one point, he went to get me a glass of water and the minute he was gone, Flash Toddler rushed in as fast as his little legs could carry him. Oh, clearly he had done this before because he straight away ran to the furthest corner of the room and dived for the optimum hiding position behind an over sized cushion on the floor. Bummer, that I was happy to testify as a witness...

Seeing a big brother gently yet with determination, haul a giggling toddler over his shoulder to carry him out, was priceless. Personally, I think that the toddler enjoyed the capture as much as the chase...

Anyway, while we were differentiating between adverbs and adjectives ( Gosh, English does have its moments ) a faint scratch was heard at the door, followed by a low pleading bark.

On opening the door quickly and shutting it even quicker, the family dog was admitted and he raced with great gusto to seek his refuge on the bed. A bed where he could dream in safety from little toddler hands that tend to pull and push with no care in the world when least expected.

The word had spread, because a few moments later, a scratch at the door was followed by a faint miaowing. The next one to avoid a toddler's reach! The moment both of them realized that the door was closed to little intruders, they made the most of it and relaxed to their hearts content.

At one point I looked around and it was so funny to see the dog and the cat dozing on the bed, rather smug and content in the safety of a closed door...