Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Wonderful Top Of The Morning To You...

A few pictures with even a green one on St. Patrick's Day.

Would you believe it, but we have our own St. Patrick's sign here! Well as close as can be. The main thing on this whole green sign is the caption:
Paradise straight ahead...
oh, and this sign is right outside our village, Eisenberg!!!
Everything is starting its cycle towards blossoming and it is a sight for winter weary eyes.
Those two know what the simple pleasures in life are...friends, chatting and a worm or two!
...and not to forget about that comfortable feeling of sitting in a bathtub! Living it up in our gutters.
This morning the cacophony of tweets coming through the open lounge window, made me go outside and take a few pictures. Gosh, there was a communication highway atop of our trees and roofs.
This dove (?) chose to sit and observe in a ladylike manner.
The excitement of this little birdie almost jumps off the picture. Goodness, he was tweeting constantly and furiously.