Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Warren Buffett's Biography, What A Gem.

A book that makes you feel like you have a new friend.

Look, I read Warren Buffett's biography ( by Alice Schroeder ) about seven years ago and yet, it still feels as if I had the privilege to accompany him through his life's journey and most of us know how amazing and interesting it has been.

Bob and I watch a lot of the American Business channels and often, not so much to do with the actual business of business but because there is a dearth of English language TV stations here. Frankly, some of the business shows are far from boring or mundane, as some resemble more the format of a talk-show or as Bob likes to say,

" Ask your illustrious guest a question, but for goodness sake don't let him answer it in full before you interrupt. "
and somehow I must agree with him about that. If one asks a questions, good manners do command to let the person finish the answer...? One would think at least.

Often, a insert about Mr. Buffett would be aired ( and let me tell you, he is one of the few guests that they let finish his thoughts and sentences without rudely interrupting ) and you know what, I straight away am back in the story of his life and I recall those odd but highly interesting facets of him, such as his passion for playing Bridge. And that he loves to go on holiday with his very good friend, Bill Gates. Holidays where they both play Bridge ad nauseam.

This morning, he was on Charlie Rose, remembering a good friend and neighbour of his. When he mentioned that they lived across from each other in the 60's, it is refreshing to know, that Mr. Buffett has always lived in the same house. Not for him, that constant striving to super-size one's lifestyle.

When you think about it, he is a perfect example that possessions and clothes don't make a man...and yet he often is the richest man in the world. Makes one think, doesn't it?

If you get a chance, try and read his biography because it is an amazing and interesting book. As an extra bonus for those of you who also love reading, this biography is 834 pages long. Oh yes, you'll be mentally a part of his life for a few weeks. Happy reading.