Monday, 9 March 2015

Move Over, Pie In The Sky, The Lofty Grapes Are Here.

Gosh, those trees in a wine region are something else...

Now this would create a lofty flavoured wine indeed! Walking atop the Eisenberg Weinberg yesterday morning, I saw these few vine-pretenders and thought they were ever so pretty.
Have you ever? Oh, I do know that they aren't grapes, but it is rather spooky how alike they are to grape clusters...
One could make a case of the forbidden fruit just being out of reach!
Nature outdid herself with splendid colours and a perfect blue background.
Not too far from the lofty grapes, small circular shaped leaves were eye catching because of their unusual colour...or rather lack of it!
Perfection in nature is everywhere and it was such a nice Sunday morning walk. The birds were conversing, the buck issued their grunts and barks along with the odd field mouse rustling among the dry leaves.
Our whole wonderful district has been ' Mapped '. All along the vineyards and forests are these yellow signs to tempt people ( locals too! ) to experience more treasures of Südburgenland.