Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pride & Prejudice's Mr Darcy-Oh My!

The original tall dark and handsome hero...

Isn't it amazing that in a time of chasteness and nary a public display of affection, a hero emerged that even today holds our ( well, at least my ) attention. It's that hint of something nice that keeps us riveted.

Perhaps I am biased by seeing the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth and his spectacular interpretation of Mr Darcy. Let's face it, Colin Firth is dishy as it is and not only from playing Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones's Diary. In fact, if you want to see a slightly younger version of him, get yourself this adaption of the classic novel.

This version is several hours long but once you sit down and watch the first few minutes of it, you begin to get an inkling that a treasure lies in store for you. Watching this series, is akin to having a nice warm bath. It gives you a feeling of warmth and that everything is just dandy in your world. How can it not be, after watching this series?

Life seemed so much simpler then, but also so much richer. Richer in time, richer in splendour and richer in the real abundance of life...family, nature and time to enjoy what life had on offer.

Could any of us survive a life without electricity and all that implies? Who hasn't in times of extreme stress and technological overload, wished to live a week at an Amish village? This return to the classics of fiction might be explained by the ever increasing burden that our modern and highly technological lifestyle places on our shoulders.

The other point that a Jane Austin novel highlights with glaring obviousness, is our modern exhibitionist tendencies. In Jane Austin's era, even showing a tad bit too much of your ankle was considered cheap and common....oh my, if she could only see us now!

Reading and watching Pride & Prejudice is a breath of fresh air and to my mind, everyone should see or read it. By the way, there are so many movie versions of it to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Anyway, Mr Darcy is the ultimate romantic hero of and in fiction and Colin Firth with his expressive and sparkling eyes is a perfect embodiment of this romantic Mr Darcy.