Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ah, Three Cheers For Those Lovely Spring Flowers.

A rock star, a yellow beauty and a few stray cats...

This purple number seems to be holding fort or rather being the lone star of the rock! Anything else as a backdrop to it would have paled in significance.
These yellow bundles of joy are on all of our lawns and should be called "Gladness " as one can't help but be glad to have seen them.
A perfectly shaped petal complete with a two tone yellow.
The humble, simple and most loved Daisy.
An early morning view of Eisenberg with the church featuring prominently. A spring morning that combines a warm sun with tentacles of cold air is unbeatable for beauty. Combined with a misty horizon it is tops.
Not too fond of the paparazzi, are they? Nothing nicer for a cat than to lounge lazily on a sun kissed pavement while doing a mini pedicure.