Sunday, 8 March 2015

An Ordinary Saturday Morning In Suedburgenland Is Aplenty.

Again, it's the little things that hold the most meaning and beauty.

Oh, those divinely bright and breezy mornings! Yes, the sky was blue, the plants a bright yellow and the boulders provided a suitable background. Soul refreshing, don't you think?
Just a twinkling to the right...
Bob asked me where these nice flowering trees are hiding, and also whether I really took this photo this year! Cheeky indeed...of course I replied:
" Well, if you started to walk with me, you'd know! "

A morning chinwag in the Deutsch Schützen Weinberg.
Walking down the road towards the village shop, I encountered some chickens. Three white hens to my left, who of course proceeded at a great speed to their friends across the road. A real cacophony of chicken speak.
I know, to you it is just a chicken scene, but to me it spells out the essence of life in the country. Happy animals, hardly any traffic and the ability to take the time and shoot a few photos.