Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How Attached Are We To Things And Possessions?

I am rediscovering the books of Dr. Wayne Dyer

Every now and again I amble passed my Self Help shelf and say to myself that I will pick up the right book for that moment. Oh yes, through the years I have collected an impressive amount of self help books. Frankly, who doesn't pick up these aptly labeled books after going through a break up or some such event?

My thirties were the heydays in regards to perusing all angles of the self help genre and I eventually whittled them down to a few choice ones. Often, friends would raise an eyebrow or smirk at the perceived gullibility of any self help disciple, but, each to his own and I had an added crutch through times that were slightly harder.

But here's the thing: by reading so ferociously among the self help genre, I knew and know that difficult times do two things.

  1. They help us peel another layer to reveal our veiled inner strength. Difficult times make us notice our inner strength.
  2. Difficult time do pass. This too shall pass....

This morning I started to reread Dr. Wayne Dyer's 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace (Puffy Books) and even though it was published in 2001, its message is timeless and in fact really applies to the " more, more and then some more " sentiment experienced throughout the world.

His simple question of what defines us, cuts straight to the heart of most of our problems...

" ...If your primary identification is with your body and your possessions, your ego is the dominant force in your life..."

"....Nothing can make you happy or successful. These are inner constructs that you bring to your world, rather than what you receive from it..."