Wednesday, 25 March 2015

An Ordinary, Typical And Oh So Nice Day In Eisenberg.

Bob and I go walking or rather on a photographic trip along the forest.

Straight out the gate, so to say, these buck crossed our vision. Actually, Bob spotted them first but by the time I got my camera out ( my fingers were still frozen so early in the morning ), I merely managed a side / back view.
Along our route is the now familiar paddock of this white beauty. Normally Bob gets impatient when I take numerous photos, but yesterday I think he wanted a breather...p/s: don't forget that seeing a white horse brings you luck!
My reputation as the chicken paparazzi has spread, and it seems that the chickens are trying to make a run for it...
Why is it, that females tend to always butt heads over a male? I wonder who wins this lucky fella's favour?
Coming home to a cheerful greeting. These yellow Irises always brighten my day.
Here is our little darling whiling away a sunny afternoon awaiting her food. Somehow she loves this little roof top, which happens to be atop the old and no-longer-used long drop in our garden. By the way, the camera adds ten pounds and no, we don't overfeed her...or do you think we do?