Friday, 6 March 2015

The Darling Buds Of March Are A Sight For Winter Weary Eyes!

Goodbye dear Winter...

These beautiful harbingers of Spring are in my parent's garden and are aptly called Snow Bells. Don't they look like little bells of happiness?
Remember those posters in the 1990's, where you had to stare at it, in order to see something else? Well, look and tell me if anything pops out for you - if not, simply enjoy the farmlands.
These do remind me of Easter and the Easter Egg hunt to come. Chocolate surprises all over the garden...
Our part of Südburgenland is the proverbial paradise for walkers and wine lovers alike...most of these routes do pass by and end at our area's treasures:Buschenschanks
A pop star on his soon as the sun's up, tweets and chirps are heard.
Another perfect day in the Weinberg...vintners were out and about pruning their vines.