Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bob's Stride Gets Noticed!

A case of two birds with one stone...

As much as I like to brag about Bob, I do have to be honest and mention that he has recently fallen off the fitness-wagon and landed on our comfortable couch. A couch that it is not so easy to get up from, or so it seemed.

But, a wife or rather a good wife wouldn't be one if a tad bit of nagging wasn't involved now and then. Oh, and good old bribery. Honestly, they should have mentioned this in the " how to be a wife " manual.

Bob, for the benefit of his health, should exercise but somehow that has been banished to the last page of his To-Do list. About a week ago, I thought that the time had arrived and I nagged Bob so much, that he put on his trainers and joined me on my forays into the Eisenberg surrounds.

The first day was a welcome novelty and Bob didn't need any extra nagging nor dragging on route ( oh yes, until we were half way, there has in the past been an excuse for turning around ). Day two was still ' oh,la la what a novelty ' and saw both of us stepping out in the wine berg with gusto. Day three needed a little bit of persuasion on my part. Just that special touch.

Having been married for eons, I knew the signs of Bob wanting to forgo his walk. A mention of a saw toe here and a pressing need there were casually thrown into conversation by my Schatzi. But, being an expert in Bob-speak, I chose to ignore it and used my trump card:

" Bob, yesterday so-an-so saw you walking and today someone else from the fire department might see you. Imagine your street cred when it gets around that you are on the fitness wagon? You might be a trendsetter..."
If it was that, or if Bob sort of realized that I was adamant that we would go for a walk, is debatable. That proverbial third day was one where the wind was howling and icy. Honestly, if I hadn't tried to persuade Bob, I am not so sure that I would have gone for a walk...

Bob was amazing and didn't complain once about the cold. Thankfully for me, one of his firemen buddies saw us walking and we had a quick chat. Yesterday evening, Bob's effort paid off. Bob helped out at the local theater play ( working behind the bar ) and when he got home at midnight, he told me with pride in his voice:

" Babe, you won't believe it, but the fire chief came over to me and told me that he has heard that I am getting fit. "
Well, now Bob won't need much wifely persuasion to do a two-step with me. Here's to the good life of walking with my Schatzi!