Thursday, 12 March 2015

Germany's Best Baker: Craftsmen With Heart And Soul.

The return to the good old days, and not a day too soon!

Bob and I have been rather glued to a series on television. As you might have guessed, it is a reality show that searches for the best baker / bakery in Germany.

Like any show, it is addictive to watch and of course it has moments where it has been ' Viewer-fied " but it is fun to get a glimpse into the typical day of a baker. A slice of the good stuff.

The real beauty of this show is that it reminds us of the treasures we have among us. Craftsmen need to be cosseted. Craftsmen need to be supported. Craftsmen need to be emulated by the next generation. Otherwise, I am afraid to say that we will have to bite into a lot of tough bread rolls.

Alas, in our modern day society, youngens want to have it all: fame & fortune and thus all try their hand at being a banker, lawyer, doctor or some profession of the same ilk. Their is more to life than a penthouse and a luxury vehicle.

Being a tradesman or a craftsman should get top billing again. Having your child enter an apprenticeship is one of the best ideas. Earning while they learn and afterwards always being able to find work. Or open their own shop...( A lot of university graduates aren't that fortunate to be paid while they learn and find jobs! )

Of course it's convienent to pick up fresh bread at your discounter or supermarket. It is cheaper too and yours truly has been guilty of it numerous times. But seeing this program has opened my eyes to the difference in quality and pureness that a real bakery's wares have.

Maybe, whenever you can ( location and financial ) try and buy a piece of handcrafted yumminess from your local bakery. If you fortunate to be anywhere in Europe, the chances are that you have a bakery in your neighbourhood that sells any one of these delectables:

  • A fresh Bretzen. One made that morning and where all you need is a big piece of butter to dress it. Of course, when you buy your Bretzen, make sure to buy one extra...for the journey home!
  • A loaf of bread. A loaf where you can do a version of " Knock knock " with your knuckle and get a reply. I defy you to not rip into it without the aid of a knife!
  • Don't get me started on the abundant and mouth watering display of freshly made cakes and gateaux. Torten. Oh my gosh, the choice is the hardest part and also the most euphoric one.

I do tend to stand in front of the display case and in my mind's eye go through the various stored taste sensations and, please don't tell anyone, but I do salivate at the imminent pleasure of taking a spoon full of a creamy layered torte... It is not unheard of that I let at least 3 customers take my a Gemini it takes me oodles of time to make up my mind. In an ideal world, I'd savour them in one sitting.

Let me know what you've chosen at your local bakery!

Bon appetit, Biggi