Saturday, 14 March 2015

Martin & Lucie Reiger's Organic Wines From Eisenberg Burgenland...Wine Of The Day.

Another wine treasure in our Eisenberg. Wow.

Look, I already enjoy the delectable organic wines of Martin and Lucie's and so it came as no surprise to me, when I saw that Martin was being interviewed for his Blaufränkisch 2012.
The Reiger's wines taste fabulous and are organic to boot. What more could one want? But now it seems, that others have discovered this Eisenberg treasure...and about time too!

When I stumbled across this video clip this morning ( link at the end of this blog ), it warmed my spirit and my villager's heart. When you know the wine-celebrity being interviewed in person, and when you have eh, sampled his wine before, it feels like:

" Gosh, I knew and now everyone else does too! "

All of our friends and family, who come to visit us from far away places, know the calibre and value of the delectable array of wines produced in our area. In fact, when they do come to visit, they make sure they get a taste of many samples!!! Hey, when in Rome, do like the Romans.

...The wines produced in Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen are for want of better words....sensational on the palate and of course, World class.

Martin and Lucie's conviction to make their wines organic, gives it that special extra touch that is so vital in today's times. A natural wine.

For those of you, who have never had the pleasure of sampling a glass of Reiger wine, a treat lies in store for you...

Our area is being brought to the wine world's attention one vintner at a time and yesterday, it was Martin Reiger's turn to showcase the result of all the hard work and conviction...a feast for any wine lover's palate.


Click here to watch the video interview.