Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Mysteriously Funny Case Of Husbands' Travelling Pants.

Rather close to home, I'd have to say!

Remember, that old saying of throwing stones while living in a glass house? Oh yes, before you judge little ol' me, there is a fair chance that you too, have done this...

In a way I thought there weren't too many of us out there, but I seem to have been mistaken. Well, now it's official, men are attached to their pants.

Oh, not just any pants, but those pants that they wore before they met us, their wives, and possibly also those pants they had on when they first started wooing us! The security blanket pants. The date(d) pants. The holey pants. The ' soon-to-be ' dishrag pants...

When I met Bob last decade ( just to set the scene ), he sported a pair of these pants. Purposely I say sported, because they were those army coloured jobs. The camo pants. Ooh la, la, they looked great on Bob we are together!

But through the years, these pants have become so threadbare, that they are bordering on the indecent, when he wears them. Never mind that through my cooking skills they have become a touch too small. Of course I told Bob that I had washed them mistakenly in a hot wash, and they had shrunk!

Before we moved here, back in South Africa, I once tried to cunningly make these pants disappear. I did say tried...gosh, Bob was like a golden retriever and "sniffed" out the pants locale in minutes.

On another occasion he put them on, bent down to tie his shoelaces and to my great joy they developed a tear on the derrier. One that my sewing skills were no match for. When Bob told me,

" You know, I think I will have to throw them out now. Oh, I loved those camo's."
I secretly did the old happy dance and as it turns out, too soon.

A few days after his momentous announcement, he grinned from ear to ear as he told me:

" I got talking to our neighbour as I was on the way to the rubbish bin and somehow (?) it came about that she was a seamstress and guess what...she is busy fixing my camo's! Isn't that fantastic? "

As I am writing this, the camo pants are still around and because as I once got caught trying to make them disappear, Bob routinely does a search for them and won't stop before he has them in his hands. My attempts to slowly move them further and further from his memory ( leaving them at the bottom of the clothes hamper for eons ) are futile and either we go and have them framed, or mended with Teflon tape...

Please take the time to watch this clip. This ad is fantastic, brilliant and to the point. I love it and let me know if it strikes a cord...or if you too, have done this before?

Bob's camos...there are more tears at the back!