Monday, 16 March 2015

Our Local Thespians Deliver Another Knockout Performance.

A comedy with a few moments of realism.

Community theater at its best. Community, what does it actually mean? Well, I am discovering aspects of it all the time. Take our local theater group who are all pillars of our community.

People I know from bumping into at a Buschenschank, public meetings or at the local grocer. When you know the actors, their thespian parts are so much more interesting.

The play had a four acts, with a proper curtain signalling a change of scenery complete with hearing the hushed giggles from behind the curtain or a clank from something dropped that shouldn't have been. Oh yes, I sat in the third row from the front and I must admit it is much better than always sitting at the back, close to the exit. Seeing and hearing, make a big difference.

All of us are so used to Hollywood productions where everything is filmed to perfection, that we tend to forget how the art of acting started. It takes much more talent and skill to act out a story without having the benefit of 20 retakes. Real live performances do have the odd blooper which paradoxically makes them even better.

A community play is fabulous because it is real. Sitting there, I was in awe of how well our local thespians performed. At times they had all of us in stitches. Old and young alike. At one point in the play, I heard a voice without seeing a face to go with it, and suddenly the penny dropped. I was witnessing a prompter in action. Wow, those are almost an urban myth so it was great to hear a prompt.

One of those nice community traits was that all the children sat in the front row and not with their parents. As our local school is small, it was a school reunion... The children laughed the loudest and were following it all with amazement. At one point, oh it was so of the actors didn't close the ' fake ' door properly and one of the kids shouted ( prompted ) loudly:
" You forgot to close the door " .

At half time there was an appropriately time break. Enough time to cue for either coffee and cake, the loo or the more popular glass of wine accompanied by a sandwich. Mingling was far from easy as the hall was in a crush of people... my guess is that there were at least 300 people there and everyone of us loved the play.

Life in a village is perfect for me.


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