Thursday, 26 March 2015

From Helpful Neighbours And Rorschach Images To Budding Roses All In A Day.

The mundane hides many chapters of beauty.

Ah, our famous fish pond down the road...the clubhouse frequented by Frühschoppen crowds and my golly gosh, if walls could talk! At times I can hear the laughter from our garden.
Early morning sees this clubhouse tranquil and reflective.
Bob's friend and our neighbour is always helpful and last week, Bob only asked if he could borrow a tool to cut some trees in our yard, and voila, our friend hopped on his tractor and helped Bob cut and pull trees...true friendship!
The portal to our backyard gets revealed! Bob ( wearing his favourite tatty fatigues ) on the trot before the tractor. The two of them felled 4 trees in the orchard. Wow. Without our friend's help, it would have taken the two of us a few years, due to procrastination.
This sort of shrub is to my mind " the easter tree " and while my mum and I were spring cleaning a Kellerstöckl, I happened across this nice one, complete with three birds.
Outside, on the pavement this little purple flower caught my attention and had to be immortalized.
We had finished a marathon cleaning session ( really! ) and while I waited next to the car, I saw this still dormant rosebush. We all rush to take photos of blooming roses, yet for me, the first little buds are magnificent in their promise.
Hands up, if you also thought this was a Rorschach ink blot test? If so, what did you see in this budding rose?