Friday, 27 March 2015

Saving The Rain Forest One Face Cream At A Time.

The hunt for Red October is minor compared to finding an appropriate face cream!

Of course it is so much easier to just grab a tube of " instant radiance " as described on TV and even then, the choice is endless and really, how do we choose? Surely advertising shouldn't be the clincher of this particular deal?

As you know, I have recently read an article on how the usage of palm oil in cosmetics ( and a myriad of other uses ) is slowly but surely destroying the rain forest. Why should we care? Well, we do want to live in and leave a healthy planet for the next few generations.

Collectively our lives have become more and more lazy and selfish. Anything that is a tad more laborious, is eschewed with the well worn excuse of:

" Why the heck should I do it, when XYZ isn't doing it? Let them start first, and then I'll do something too! And anyway, if it was so bad, the government would tell us! "
...sadly, politicians who should lead the way, are answerable to lobbyists and those who helped them get into office ( not only the electorate but those who might have paid the piper? ).
Here is a thought: Let's only elect politicians who are under 35! They will want to have a comfortable retirement 50 years on, sitting in a green garden surrounded by fruit trees and a healthy air...

But, back to my face cream adventure. If you ( hopefully ) want to follow suit, might I suggest you take a magnifying glass with you and a lot of patience. As per usual, the devil's in the fine print.

I have used a range of skin care products, where I knew it was palm oil free ( and free of a lot of other chemical additives ) but I thought that maybe I could find other ranges too.

Well, 30 minutes later and a pacing husband outside the shop ( cheekily he shouted through the open door and told me he would while away the wait in the shop next door! Nudge nudge, hint hint... ) I was back to this skincare range I had used before, NONIQUE, and surprisingly, it is not expensive at all. NONIQUE is so far the only skincare range I found, that clearly states on the packaging that it does not use palm oil.

Honestly, I did hover with my hand over a product touted on TV as being the elixir of youth and beauty, but then my conscience made itself known...once you know what damage an ingredient does to the planet, only a fool will keep on buying and using it.