Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A Grammelschmalz Brot Saved The Day, Or Rather Today.

An evening out with family...

Why is it that we ( perhaps I use the royal we ) can count so many things endlessly and without making a mistake but when it comes to top-ups or re-fills of our wine glass, all arithmetic is forgotten? As Bob likes to say to me;

" Your parents should ask for a refund on your school fees. "

Eight of us, or eight clan members went to Bruni's last night. Actually more of an early bird special as the time was arranged for five p.m., due to some clan members having reached
wise elder status and we were all back home before nine p.m.

Bob and I were fashionably late ( for some reason I tend to catch up on all household duties minutes before we have to leave, which drives Bob crazy ) and when we got there, our clan elders had wisely ordered a liter of red and a liter of white wine for the table.

Full of good intentions and healthy exuberance, I had decided to keep a sharp eye on how much I'd drink, but like all good intentions, it flew out the window when my sneaky cousin Klaus kept on topping up my glass.

Before we had actually put our orders through I had asked Bruni to bring a Grammelschmalz Brot for the table. A few eyebrows were raised at my gluttonous behaviour but they soon changed their tune when they tried a morsel of it and just like that a huge portion of Grammelschmalz Brot was gone and more importantly helped line a lot of stomachs!

Goodness me, we had a great time sitting around a big table, with wine, memories and laughter. Bruni made sure we were well hydrated with water and wine.

The beer drinking crowd has an advantage over us wine lovers. They have the famous beer mats, which are not only there to catch the overflowing beer foam, but also to paint a dash on it for each glass had. Next time I attend a clan meeting, I shall come prepared with beer mat, pen and Grammelschmalz Brot.
Oh dear, that reminds me, the next meeting is this afternoon, an Oktober Fest a la Clan...!

And just to put your mind at ease, I didn't overdo things too much last night, as any top ups were rather just dash ups...luckily I had an elegant wine glass which would look stupid being overly full.