Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Numbers Are Coming Home To Roost!

Morality and honesty, where have thou gone?

When you think about it, these 140 characters allowed, have whittled down our propensity to be genuine. Not for everyone of course. Expressing an idea, feeling or thought of a longer nature is impossible. The be all and end all of Twitter is of course to have your idea, feeling, thought or Selfie re-tweeted as many times as possible. ( mea culpa, but not on the Selfie! ), which means you should stop at about 110 characters...

This environment has created many supposed superstars, celebrities and political candidates, all of whom have millions of followers who seem to be happy with one-liners. Personality, character and morality not to mention honesty are at times left along the way. Either because nobody cares, or for lack of space.

Well, the mere fact that this latest deplorable episode of Political Soap Opera 2016 , has more episodes still to come, is baffling. Politicians are meant to be role models, people to whom we can look up to and follow in their lead.

A Head of State, President, Prime Minister or Chancellor should be a person who'll have a steady hand at the tiller of the country, in times of turbulence and trouble. The steadiness, calmness and unflappability under any conditions is what is so vital.

Having thankfully gone through schooling in South Africa, where manners, morality and honesty were the main ingredient, I cringed when I watched the recent debate in America. It seems that money can't buy you everything...

The last few years, society in general has followed the herd and embraced social media with both hands, often leaving real connections by the wayside. Could this be the culprit? How do we know if, what has been posted online is real, genuine and not a porky? Just because something has a few hundred thousand re-tweets or likes, doesn't make it real...

In the spirit of If you can't beat them, join them! perhaps it is time to dust off a few old fashioned terms from their resting place and bring them back into fashion...

  • #moralsdocount
  • #mannersmatter
  • #honesty
  • #respectisvital