Monday, 3 October 2016

"...A Shrewd Eye,...And A Good Deal Of Adipose Tissue. "

...4.50 From Paddington...

A writer who pens images so gracefully and succinctly simple has to be read. No ifs, buts or whys about it.

As you might know, I love Agatha Christie and have read and re-read her detective novels since I was a teenager. They are such nice places to go and mentally be a part of. Of course, there are a few murders strewn between the covers of each novel, but in between they are padded with images that make one feel cosseted.

The concept of English Tea time is warm and fuzzy not to mention the often delectable offerings with it. Be it bread & butter, scones or a slice of raisin pound cake. Any seasoned Agatha Christie fan has a favourite detective and mine happens to be Miss Marple.

Knitting sweaters while observing people, gardening, keeping a neat home or taking a ride in Finch's taxi seem to make her character come alive an stay in our mind. Now and again I am reminded of Miss Marple and how she might sum up someone's character by observing a trait or deed.

Not that I am comparing St. Mary's Mead with Eisenberg but they perhaps have similarities! We do have a taxi service referred to by the owner's last name, just like Finch's in St. Mary's Mead...

These crime novels would be a perfect read for high school students. Not to difficult to master, and apart from the obvious murders in them, they depict an old world charm and morality. Where manners still counted, parents were treated with respect and swearing was frowned upon.

Agatha Christie has sold about 2 billion books world wide and it is said that she is in third place, behind Shakespeare and the Bible in the world's most published books.