Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Vagaries Of Time.

Gosh, what a time we're having...

It has been said that time stands still for no one, but today it seems to do just the opposite. Time has been lost or should I say gained in the Northern Hemisphere.

The time changed, yes literally changed today. Forward or backward depends on your point of view. One thing is for certain, we are all afoot and rather clueless in a time vacuum.

As astute as we all are at the many daily challenges crossing our path ( how much money we've earned, how to cross the road, how to cook a meal, how to work the TV remote... ) most of us are in a state of confusion about this change of time.

Does it really help us? What is wrong with starting our day in the dark? Winter has so many elements of romance and comfort knitted into its make-up and yet we are so adamant to change nature and its set of rules?

Winter with its long nights allows us the opportunity to hibernate. A time to catch up on some rest. A time to reflect. A time to spend at home. Life as most of us live it, is hectic enough. Do we really need an extra hour of daylight into which we are forced to cram more stuff into?

A few years ago, my cousin told me that wearing a wristwatch disrupts one's energy system. I had just arrived in the paradise of Burgenland and was still addicted to flicking my wrist every few minutes. Why not, I thought to myself and with gusto put all my watches into a drawer. Oh yes, I was living in Burgenland, without a reminder of time passing.

Being timeless, is rather refreshing and you'd be surprised at how quickly our body's natural clock sets in. In a way, being without time makes one live in the moment...the Nirvana most of us are searching for.