Friday, 21 October 2016

What Would Winter Be Without Any F.I.S. Skiing?

The season starts again tomorrow.

Hot summer days still being rather fresh in our memories makes it almost seem like a juxtaposition to think of snow and skiing but or should I say alas, time doesn't stand still.

Both of us are fans of alpine skiing, myself for the excitement of the sport and for Bob it is a combination of Anna Fenninger and skiing. His favourite skier on the women's skiing circuit who happens to be rather pretty too.

Only this morning I heard him talk to himself, or rather at the television;

" Hi, Bob here. "
and I didn't need to be a soothsayer to know that they were interviewing Anna on television. Well she has changed her name and taken that of her Gatten, so Bob's enthusiasm is waning a bit and leaning towards other young skiers.

I shouldn't really throw stones about, as I am just as bad about the male skiers. Or rather snow gladiators dressed in tight tights. Ooh la la indeed, but I would ban Bob from parading about in that get up!

Alpine skiing is a huge sport in most northern hemisphere countries. One of Bob's cousins has just moved with his wife to one of the meccas of alpine skiing in order to work there. Whistler Mountain in Canada...what lucky fishes indeed. As they are both chefs by profession, they might even bewitch Bob's goddess with their award winning food. They were both in the South African Culinary Olympic team for many years.

Perhaps not his wife's culinary creations, as she is a top notch dessert chef whose divine and mouth watering eclectic dishes are sadly off limit for the weight conscious athletes. But who can withstand that sort of temptation for long?

As they have both just arrived there I hope they'll like it. Granted, it is a change to go from sunny South Africa to the wild snow covered mountains of Canada, but also the chance of a lifetime.

Bob and I have been privy to the beautiful scenery of Whistler mountain as the ski-circuit travels to various countries in the world. In fact, you could call us weekend armchair travel enthusiasts.

Who said winters are boring, cold and dull? Winters, are cozy, snugly, full of sporting activities and a time to recharge one's soul with a myriad of reading, eating and sleeping.