Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Suddenly, I Look Forward To Rainy Days.

Actually, I liked them before but now even more.

Rain often equates to wet and suddenly treacherous lawns, wet jackets, peachier complexions and the present bonus of less squealing brakes.

Oh yes, the last one might have confused you but I haven't gone loopy yet. The family chariot had had new brakes put in a few months ago and those darn things won't stop squealing when pressed.

Dear Hollywood, come hither and use us in any get away car sound track.
Just the other night, I saw an old episode of Kojak and felt happy to hear similar braking sounds. By the by, what a dishy and cool guy!
Of course they work perfectly and we've just had our C.O.R. renewed for another year. Even the tester tested with more fervour than normal when he heard the squealing traitors.

Before you ask, Bob and I have had them seen to twice at the dealership where they'd been put in, but no help. Bob at times tends to loose his easy countenance accompanied with a few choice expressions even going so far as to wish our chariot to Jericho.

But like I always say, we've got a chariot that works well and it is allowed to have a few foibles. Gosh, what antique doesn't? Just like the glass is half full in my view, this momentary braking set back has many good points.

  • Our neighbours know when we come home, or rather most of our neighbbourhood.
  • Both of us drive more sedately...
  • We get noticed.
  • Most important bonus...our cat knows when we return home and even when she is fast asleep, will jump up in excitement at one of us returning home. How cute...

As for the rain, when it descends our brakes stop their incessant muttering and it does feel rather grand to motor about our neighbourhood in silent obscurity.