Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Walk On A Cold Autumn Morning.

Even when it's overcast and cold, beauty is everywhere.

A few leaves in my path, some of many that have drifted from their trees.
A few vines bereft of grapes and changing the hue of their foliage before dropping them altogether. Autumn is a visual feast for the eyes, not to mention the soul.
The bathtub outside an old cottage among the vines. If it wasn't so out in the open, surrounded by hunter's lookout towers, a nice hot bath in the vineyard might be fun indeed.
These yellow survivors were about the only spots of bright colour along my walk today. A nice refreshing sight.
Some of the corn fields are kept purely for the local deer. Over winter they'll have food and seeing this half eaten cob of corn, reminded me to be thankful for how easy it is for us to eat over winter...or at any other time.
The wind was bitingly cold yet it moved this cornfield into a semblance of beauty.