Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Honestly, We Were Just A Tad Bit Nosy!

Investigating our neighbourhood.

This past weekend our little village was in serious need of several traffic lights, as the roads were teeming with cars, trucks and tractors. As you know, harvesting is under way and that in itself creates a lot of traffic, but now an added element of a building site got added into the mix.

My Monday morning walking group, was cheerful and bright eyed even on a morning that would have been nice spent sleeping in.

" Which route should we walk today? "
usually, they leave it up to me as long as I vary it...well, not yesterday;
" I want to walk the route that takes us past this new building site and find out who, where and what it is all about! "
and with that we trotted off in the right direction. Speculation ran high, other tidbits of village life flew bye, and before we knew it, we were almost at the site in question. Along the way, we were passed by at least three huge tractors with a full trailer load of earth...at one point, I looked across at the forest lane and saw another two huge tractor & trailers driving single file along it.
" Goodness, this almost could be a scene out of Die Hard 3 . "
which slowed down the walk a bit due to one gal doubling up with laughter, more than likely at my eclectic( ahem ) taste in movies.

At the moment our village is going through a boom, old house and farms being snapped up and also new houses being built. Which is a point that had us three gals almost at loggerheads...I adore old house with their innate charm, history and romantic flair whereas the others like the cold, clean, bunker-style modern look that seems to be the flavour of the day.

When we got to the building site, we were speechless at the size of plot dug out and as it is snap bang in the middle of the vineyards, I hope and pray that it won't be done in modern clinical and soul chilling lines...as that would be a turn off for the many tourists to our area, tourists that provide a lot of income in our village.