Thursday, 13 October 2016

Good Morning From Eisenberg, Eisenberg Weinberg.

Jack Frost came along for this morning's walk.

A look across the vineyards taken from almost the outskirts of our village. We went to have a look at the various vines and whether they'd been harvested or not.
If you know the area, you'll recognize Erika's house...

Is there anything nicer than to be out on a chilly morning? In the distance, you can see the fog rising over Eisenberg, the blue skies and of course the soothing greens of the vines.
Beautiful indeed. Somehow, one can almost feel the chill that was keeping us company on our walk this morning.
These horses are enjoying their retirement, which translates to having a nice and gentle life. A scenic paddock, enough food and the love of their owners. What more could one want...
Each time I walk along the forest path, I am struck by how charismatic the local church looks, set among the trees. Earlier, on my way to meet my friend, a couple of deer jumped with their unique gait across the path in front of me. Rural life indeed.
When I got back just now, I was greeted by the cheerful rosemary outside our front door. It has been sprouting a whole lot of lilac blossoms for the past few months. Love it.