Monday, 24 October 2016

Educating Mausi.

Not such an easy task, considering that we adore her.

Our little kitten is now about a year and a half old and as cute as a button which in itself translates to her being able to get away with murder. Alas, she won't sort out the occasional rodent visitor.

Just like any other parents, we think our little one is the prettiest, cutest and of course cleverest and pets do morph into almost being human to their owners. If nothing else, my running one sided conversation with her feline majesty proves it and her apt antics make me belief that she does understand me.

She has a few questionable habits, one being her constant scratching on our wooden door frames. Door frames that are starting to have that unique carved look. Of course we've already bought two different feline scratching posts, but she uses them once or twice and than returns to one of our door frames.

My mum, when she saw what Mausi was and still is doing to the door frames, instantly suggested that I use a stern voice and forbid our cat to claw her own craving...Ha, if it were only that easy. Cats have a stubborn mind of their own. Doesn't cut muster with a grandparent though and I have a feeling that mum thinks I've missed an education opportunity for our cat and am raising a rascal. By the way, she adores Mausi too!

When mum came to the house yesterday, Mausi in her happiness at seeing Oma, was busy clawing a door in front of Oma...

"No Mausi, DON'T do that. "
fair enough, the lure of a delectable treat which usually accompanies a visit from Oma would have made her do anything and look innocently pretty. When we were younger, a visit from our grandparents often garnered us a few D-Marks if we adopted an angelic demeanor.

Naturally, the minute mum went home, La Princess took up her favourite hobby...carving.

As it is so jolly difficult to control her, I am wondering if her constant carving might make an acceptable portrait, you know something like a religious image, which we could surely sell as a novelty and get new door frames...none of that wooden stuff this time.