Thursday, 6 October 2016

If Cars Have To Have A Yearly Health Check, Why Can't We?

An annual C.O.R. for emotional and physical health might not be such a bad idea.

Governments are so strict on older cars and make its owners jump through high hoops not to mention spend a lot of dosh to keep it in shape. Fair enough, but why not have a similar test for citizens over the age of thirty?

Conversations are informative pockets of information. Having one yesterday about the benefits of taking the time to perhaps have a massage, pedicure or even two hours of solitude away from the everyday norm, it nearly knocked me sideways to see that in 2016 it still seems a foreign concept to some.

How many of us get up in the morning and feel as if all four tyres are deflated and the thought of starting the day again seems to run the gauntlet of " Oh no to I can't do it anymore. ". It almost has a feel of somebody having talked us into creating a lifestyle that is near impossible to live in without losing parts of ourselves along the way, or rather coming out at the dreamed and yearned for retirement stage, wrung out like a wet towel. Nothing left, energy depleted, time wasted.

We are fond of having it all, and not reading the small print. The one most valuable and rare commodity we all get given, is our health. Emotional health included and sadly, that is often the price paid for trying to recreate an advertiser's ideal.

What if we had to have an annual happiness test? Would we suddenly be in favour of taking time out? Time out to reclaim the bits of ourselves we keep on losing in the battle ground of modern day living.

Taking time out for ourselves doesn't have to be expensive.

  • Go to a museum on your own.
  • Have a holistic treatment, if only to be able to relax for an hour.
  • Go for a long walk without feeling guilty about any chores that you should be doing.
  • Go to your hairdresser and just have a head massage or have a treatment.
  • Go and have a pedicure.
  • Take two hours and just read your book.

Talking that weekly hour off our hectic life might go a long way to create a happier home as it is a nice way to blow off steam...