Sunday, 9 October 2016

Perfection, Is So Yesterday..

A wasteful quest undertaken by so many of us.

For years we have tried our hardest to be perfect. Perfect in looks, perfect at work, perfect at keeping a home but ironically, less often perfect in inner values. How many hours not to mention huge chunks of our lives have a lot of us wasted in only allowing ourselves to enjoy life if and when we've attained the stage of perfection? This mistaken belief that life is only perfect if we are...

Unlike diamonds, people become more attractive with flaws. Flaws make us approachable and more importantly...likable. Most of us have grown up with the pervasive idea that unless you have a slender body and are blessed with dazzling beauty, hopes of ending up with your Prince Charming are slim to none.

Well, how silly indeed. Just the opposite. The secret to finding your perfect counterpart ( Prince Charming if you like ) is to look past the outer and focus on his or her personality and character. Character is what colours one's looks. Character makes you attractive or not.

Wouldn't it be fun if we had to wear a neutral mask for the first 10 dates and make lasting impressions with our wit, conversation and humour? The war paint used by a lot of women to catch a marital prize will have to come off at some point in a relationship. One can't very well be constantly fully made-up in ones own home... Jeez, imagine never being able to wear sweat pants, go bare faced and pig out in your own home...oh,the horror!

So often golden nuggets of relationship opportunities have been lost for a mere overly large pair of ears, a thick waistline, thinning hairline, lack of height or a large derriere.

Plenty of awful character traits have been overlooked by being dazzled with a pretty or handsome exterior. After a while even aesthetic beauty will pale, fade or slip away to reveal the real deal...Beauty is skin deep after all.