Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Having Our Diabetic Paraphernalia Checked For Free And Austria's National Day.

Life is a gift.

Bob's diabetic equipment had gone on strike and by pure chance a leaflet landed in our post box, informing us that there would be an afternoon where one could bring along anything related to diabetes and have it checked for free in Oberwart.

As Bob was working, I drove in to attend but not before Bob had looked up the address for me and how to get there best. Oh yes, getting lost in Oberwart is not so far fetched. By the way, it was at the Red Cross hall.

The times were from 2 pm to 5 pm and I got their fashionably late at ten past two. Who knew that it would be so busy. There were already twenty odd people in front of me and only three friendly helpers.

A sad reality is that there are so many older people living alone and being so very lonely. A few of the people in front of me relished having a conversation with the helpers and found new topics to keep the human contact going for as long as possible. These three helpers were brilliant because they were laughing, joking and not once were they impatient with anyone. Bravo.

It was rather daunting to see so many older people with a diabetic problem. Even though I was merely queuing up for Bob, I was the youngest by far. Standing there for such an age, made me appreciate my health and even more so that Bob and I on the whole like healthy eating.

Perhaps as a society we are so fond of eating processed food that the epidemic of diabetes shouldn't surprise us. In trying to manage our hectic lives we try and save time by making meal times as fast as possible, with enough spare time to keep up with the online Jones's. Easier to pop a ready made meal into the microwave or visit the temple of modern cuisine: a fast food emporium.

Instead of teaching trigonometry, schools should teach kids how easy and nice it is to cook meals. Not to mention more tasty.

Today is Austria's National Day and this free diabetic check up yesterday demonstrates so well why Austria is such a brilliant, beautiful and awesome place to live. Those little deeds that many Austrians take for granted, are hardly ever done in other countries. More importantly, not for free.

It is such a privilege to be able to live in Austria and both of us are thankful for it every day.