Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Sunny Saturday In Eisenberg.

Enough sunshine to dry a load of laundry on the washing line.

The valley ( or rather Eisenberg village ) was cloaked in a nebulous fog but the upper echelons of Eisenberg were in a sunny position. Aren't these delightful yellow flowers beautiful?
This is the house I like to call the Ambassador's Villa. It has a Burgenland flag outside it and is spacious enough to house any V.I.P.
An idyllic and highly romantic barn up the road from us. A blank space which could be filled with the paraphernalia of a guest cottage, complete with a sun-lounger out front.
Spiders are a clever and artistic lot. Imagine spinning a new web every night?
The vines are turning red and it does look nice against the nebulous background of Eisenberg. It is no wonder that wine tastes so divine...look at its heritage!
Same row of vines, but a little bit to the left. Walking yesterday morning, through the fog, into the sunshine and back into the fog was amazing. Soul candy...