Friday, 14 October 2016

Clearly, That Wave Wasn't Meant For Me!

The hoot was though.

Yesterday morning, Bob and I left at the same time. He on his moped and I on foot. Not saying that he drives slowly, but as I was starting on the forest lane towards Eisenberg Weinberg ( it does run parallel to the road with a distance of about fifty meters separating them ) I heard Bob before I heard the hooting.

Well, hooting is a bit overdone, as it was more of a "hootling"...You know, at such a distance, I wasn't too sure whether it was Bob, but when he "hootled" about three times, I knew for sure.

Having a chuckle to myself and being jolly pleased that my husband still "hootles" at me, I carried on to my appointment. Fast forward an hour, and I was heading home on the same forest path. Along the way I took some photos ( yesterday's blog ) and was enjoying life and of course Eisenberg.

My eyes shifted a mere smidgen to the right and I notice a movement across on the Weinberg
( distance of about 150 meters ). Oh yes, someone was standing there facing towards me and waving vigorously. Being a friendly type, I waved back with the same enthusiasm and wondered if it was Bob again.

Carrying on, I still kept the waver in my eyesight and was surprised at him still waving. Okay, okay, a friendly sort which made me return the favour. But after a while, enough was enough. Who was that person? Clearly not Bob, because two or three waves are enough once you've been married for a bit.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, I stopped and really focused on this person. My, did I feel embarrassed when I saw that this person was merely doing some exercises, warming up his upper body, doing those famously old fashioned hand windmills.

He was too far away to put name to face and knowing my Eisenberger's, not a local villager either, because apart from a handful of us, hardly anyone exercises this early in the day...