Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Strong Beer Accompanied By Shakespearian Like Weather.

All that was missing were the three witches...

Clan meeting number two was held last night and the weather couldn't have been more different. At one point during the evening, yes, we did start at early bird supper times, we took my aunt's dog, little Emily who is even more cosseted than our cat, for a walk.

Good grief, even she decided to forgo her toilet session as the howling wind buffeted her little body all over the place. A few sniffs and leg lifts were ample for her and to be honest, we humans didn't mind having a shorter walk.

The occasion of our meeting was an reenactment of the Bavarian tradition of Oktober Fest, which is part of any Bavarian's DNA. How can it not be, except, I could only manage a bottle of the specially brought Oktoberfest beer.

My god, half a glass and my eyes were starting to squint. Apparently, the especially brewed Oktoberfest beer is twice as strong as normal, which makes me wonder how at the real Oktoberfest in Munich, people can drink three or four of these Mass-liter jugs of beer? More importantly, how they can still walk out of the beer tents...

Bob, being a Bavarian by marriage, took to it like a duck to water and even four bottles later didn't show any squinting. South Africans are made of stern stuff indeed.

My cousin Gaby and mum cooked the whole afternoon and made a Hungarian Stew ( yum yum ) and as dessert some homemade Dampfnudeln. Luckily I had drawn the short straw and was the designated driver, because all this food and lots of beer would have necessitated stretch pants a la Frank Barone.

All of us had another great evening and when we went our separate ways home, the Shakespearian weather hadn't stopped. Leaves and little twigs were on most roads, and I wouldn't be surprised if most of the trees had lost all their foliage...The few hints of Summer have been swept away and Autumn has made itself at home.