Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Squirrel Doing Aerobics And A Blackbird Reposing,

Look who I met on my walk yesterday...

Trying to get photos of squirrels isn't that easy as they are so quick of foot. My effort got rewarded as this is a classic shot, almost reminicent of the early 80's and Jane Fonda's aerobics craze.
No squirrel there, but I thought a photo of my favourite beige grass would be in order. The bright beige of it is magnetic and prolific among the vines.
It takes a while to spot the squirrel, doesn't it?
The way they hop, jump or merely barrel up a tree is amazing and a treat to behold.
Finally, a blackbird or perhaps a scarecrow reposing on the very top of a birch tree. Even the sound of my camera opening or my walking up to it, didn't dislodge it from its perch. Nice.