Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Therapeutic Day Of Rain.

Complete with a book.

The ice and snow have been thawing for the last few days and yesterday it rained all day. Great. Cars are getting a lovely shine again, roads are swept clean of salt and slush and that dreadful ice has gone.

There will always be drawbacks, of course. Just in our little front yard, the lack of ice has made everything muddy. Walking at times feels like a moon walk. This too shall pass... Bob loudly stated his dislike of the rain a few times but stopped himself after a few minutes, when he remembered his parents telling him of the dire water situation in South Africa. Water restrictions and no end to them in sight.

On our way to do a weekly trip to Oberwart, Bob had to stop at a client's for an hour. It was on the way and while he was at the client, I waited in the car. Why waste more petrol and put more exhaust fumes in the air?

If it would have stopped raining, I would have gone for a walk but, it didn't. My book it was to be and I can't tell you how divine it was, sitting there in the rain. The steady pounding of the raindrops on the steel roof, the opaqueness of the windows and the cozy interior, made that hour feel like therapy.

Raindrops falling on either the roof of a car or on the sloping sides of a tent have this therapeutic effect on me, until the tent turns out to be only slightly water resistant and not water proof.

While I was reading my novel, there were hardly any distraction apart from a few people going to their post boxes or walking passed me with a slightly questioning look. A quick lift of the book reassured them of my lack of nefarious plans.

Some might think of sitting for an hour waiting in a car as a punishment, but I find it rather a treat. Where else can we sit without having to multi task our lives away?