Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Wintry Haste Of Disappearing Fridge Dwellers.

Our fridge seems to have a revolving door...

Remember that Bob and I live in the hinterlands of Burgenland and happily so. Hinterlands to some but paradise to others. The concept of just popping out to shop has changed to a weekly shopping expedition.

We don't own a freezer although in these cold times we could just try using the windowsills and hope that feral cats aren't fond of our tastes in food. Freezers are dangerous appliances as I would just fill them with a variety of ice cream and gateaux.

Bob and I look upon these shopping trips as just that. Adventures in town. A chance to drive in gridlock. A chance to shout at other drivers ( more the Bobster's territory ) for not moving fast enough. You know, I think he secretly likes those few hours of mingling with other drivers and exchanging hand signals.

The two of us have become quite adapt at shopping weekly, or so I thought. Usually the glass shelves of our little fridge only saw the light of day towards day five or six but lately, day two makes it necessary to don sunglasses while opening the fridge. Sunglasses and a dose of optimism.

Wintry weather has a way of making us more hungry. But hungry for snacks. Finger food. Easy food. Fast food. Who hasn't stood in front of an open fridge and spent many moments looking for the perfect bite of something? Who hasn't cried in frustration at only seeing a gnarly bit of old cheese, perhaps a jar of pickles and not much else? How to appease those in between hunger attacks...

Having to cook something from scratch when a yearning strikes isn't the same. Firstly, by the time you've made it, hunger is usually gone and secondly, who has the enthusiasm to cook a snack?

Today the big thaw out has started, thaw out of the snow that is. Winter is almost over and hopefully once Spring is here, the fridge will take its time to go bare again or we might just have to buy a bigger fridge.