Friday, 24 February 2017

Our Cat Turns Out To Be A Fan Of Cleaning.

Who'd have thought...

As cats go, she is right there at the higher end of the ' keeping herself clean ' scale and to her mind she's never clean enough...

As for Bob and I, she adores us and even more so when we are busy doing one of the many tasks needed to keep the house reasonably tidy. It is the highlight of her day when she sees me use a broom of any sort. She'll sit in front of it in the hope of getting a brushing and I never disappoint.

Yesterday, the bathroom got its turn and she almost drooled watching me clean the shower, toilet and basin. Often I wish she could just join in and help out. Hanging the washing over the drying rack in the bathroom has her parked in front of it, following my every move with glee.

After the bathroom, a few ( not all! ) windows were getting a wash and with the greatest enthusiasm she sat on the window sill next to me almost as if she was making sure I'd do it right! It might sound slightly silly, but she has an expression on her face which does resemble a smile. No, really.

The other day for some reason the light hit at such an unfortunate angle, that the hitherto unseen spiderwebs suddenly became visible. Yikes, so many. Shuddering I yelled for Bob to come and have a look, just to show him but to my delight he went to fetch the broom and proceeded to sweep it through the webs dangling from the ceiling.

I had just started making supper in the kitchen when he called for me to quickly come and look. Imagining him covered in spider webs I went to have a peep and couldn't believe my eyes...

Bob was standing next to the couch, sweeping the broom across the ceiling and his most ardent supporter was standing with her hind paws on the headrest of the couch and with her front paws she was stretching as far as she could up the wall, in a sweeping gesture just like dad's. So very adorable.

There's only one bit of household cleaning she stays clear of, the hoovering. Amazingly she has developed a sixth sense and she knows the Hoover is about to be used and before it is even switched on she has barricaded herself in the room furthest away from her nemesis.

Life with a cat is too precious, delightful and never dull.