Monday, 6 February 2017

Our Kitty Turns As Brave As Simba.

Animals have the most amazing personalities and characters.

It started off with a suit jacket which Bob had hung outside to air. He brought it in and instead of hanging it in the cupboard, hung it over the door of the back bedroom.

Sitting at the computer yesterday afternoon I noticed our cat, Mausi, slinking past me but must admit that I got rather a fright when our little kitty screeched in horror and ran away from the back room at supersonic speed. She clearly was startled to say the least. Gosh, I thought perhaps a troupe of mice or a big rat until I realized the suit jacket was dangling menacingly there.

After a few moments she returned and stopped a few meters from the door to stare at the mysteriously altered back room. Even my soothing endearments didn't register with her. She was startled and on edge.

Back to the computer and about ten minutes later, I saw out of the corner of my eye our little princess edging stealthily towards this suddenly scary room and stopping at the door to look up and inspect. Wow, how brave indeed. She had no idea what could have been lurking behind the door of one of her rooms in her fiefdom, but nonetheless, she went to have a look.

A giant foe to her eyes and yet, she overcame her fear to have a look. I was never more proud of her and before you think that this has a touch of madness do remember that this little kitty is the apple of our eye. Bob and I carry her in the palms of our hands and often read her every wish from her eyes.

Spoiled? Of course and extremely so but she repays us with wonderful cuddles, never displaying any aloofness nor scratching willy nilly. She converses with Bob and when he now and again forgets to feed her on time she applies her own feline tactics. With cats, feeding time has to be adhered to with military precision as else they make themselves felt and heard.

Yesterday Bob was playing a game on his computer and was lost to the world. Feeding time had been missed by two minutes and Mausi, clever as she is, jumped on his desk and ran between his arms over the keyboard. Then she hopped back onto the floor and within seconds had Bob rush to feed her, even apologizing for having forgotten...