Monday, 27 February 2017

Spring Is Sprinting Toward Us.

Eisenberg takes on another layer of beauty.

As I am sitting here at the kitchen table, looking outside and with the window open it is a refreshing change to hear the neighbourhood bird society tweet the early morning away. Gosh, there is one ring or should I say cheerleader of a bird that trumps all the others.

One does wonder what they tweet about and perhaps they tell stories of the various homes that they perch outside of. Why shouldn't birds gossip? Pretty sure that there would be plenty of material to be exchanged...

Mausi is enthralled by the many little birds diving for sunflower seeds, those that Bob has put there, right in front of her. Luckily the mosquito netting keeps her away from sinking her teeth into the bird society like a farmer of yore used his sickle to cut a swath of wheat. Just now I could have sworn that I heard a bird laughing at her not being able to chase it. More of a taunting really.

Yesterday was a picture perfect day, with blue skies, warmer weather ( even though it was minus 3 in the early morning, we did put a load of washing on the line later on and thankfully it dried ) than usual and going for a walk was manna for any soul. Of course yesterday being the day after Fasching and the various parties held, nary a soul stirred except for a few.

Along the edge of the forest the trees have thrown off the shackles of winter and are sprouting the tulle of spring. The stark bareness of many tree branches are suddenly dotted with bits of colourful buds. Some more than others and some make me think of Easter which isn't that far off.

Somehow I feel sad waving goodbye to winter. Winter is a time to hibernate and garner strength for the busy seasons ahead. Once the first buds of spring are here, the days seem to disappear with alarming haste. Be that as it may, the rural lifestyle is a treat and I treasure it dearly.