Tuesday, 21 February 2017

An Imaginary, Communal Farm Takes Shape.

Walking and talking...

As you know, Mondays sees me step about lively with a handful of villagers. A weekly walking time organized through the Leben Im Dorf initiative of our village. Making life lived in our village better and perhaps more cared for. Walking weekly does tend to blow out the old cobwebs, give an opportunity to chat ( or gossip which incidentally used to be the only way of communication back in the day ) and keep the odd pound at bay.

Walking in and among the paradise of Eisenberg and its vineyards automatically lets the mind wander and topics chase themselves to be voiced in the time together. More and more one topic tends to come forth most Mondays. Farming.

Small time farming such as a cow here, a chicken there, a sheep over here and a few geese to keep the peace. Often the nirvana of a community farm ideal floats in our thoughts. Just imagine, Bob and I could keep a few cows as we have more than enough space and a few chickens to liven the place up. The neighbours scattered throughout our village could either plant a potato field, a wheat field or keep pigs.

Bartering in the old fashioned way sounds fun. Having livestock automatically keeps one at home and the stress of oh, we must have a holiday away is gone.

Imagine the freedom of not having to plan, save and go on holiday just because it is the done thing and because it gives you something to talk or brag about at work...It will take away all those distractions towards finding our inner peace and our place in life.

Happiness begins at home after all!