Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Waiting For The Other Foreign Shoe To Drop.

A very hollywood-ian plot.

All one needs is a big bowl of popcorn while sitting in front of the news. Goodness me, what a lot of different and sadly all politically interesting plots are unravelling one by one. Loo breaks need to be timed during commercials these days.

This could almost come out of the pages of a paperback and have us read all night through. A new sport of sorts...watching the verbal punches, out of bounds, penalties and own goals of politics. I know it sounds silly, but I keep on getting flashbacks of one of my favourite movies, Airforce One with my own addendum of belief that Harrison Ford would sort all this out in no time.

The last decade or so has made most of us the world over become inured to reality tv shows, not actually realizing that even they are scripted and staged. What a decade ago would have made us blanche in fright, now merely merits a raise of our shoulders and disinterest that is slightly worrying.

Our need to constantly buy cheaply and prolifically has made the world a global stage. Like it or not, we are all connected, some with big threads and some with a tiny thread. Whatever happens across the pond will in some way impact globally.

" Every action has a reaction. "

So far we've just gleaned the outlines of the plot from the various news programs and they do need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but where there's smoke there could be a fire.

As to that very hot potato mumbled now and again on the news shows, the one about the alleged interference in the election process, might that possibly mean a re-vote as one does expect an election to be fair and square ...